Wellington is an experiential/play-based preschool accepting children ages 3-6 (pre-k) with after-care available.  We provide a caring, nurturing environment where all children are respected as unique and special individuals capable of learning, growing, and contributing.
Wellington Preschool is an inclusive anti-bias program committed to promoting the acceptance and appreciation of human diversity.  Our program welcomes children and families of all racial, ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds and family compositions.  We strive to reflect the respect for diversity in our program and services, policies, practices and our interactions with families and the community.

Wellington Preschool is a Certified Family Child Care home that follows the schedule of Portland Public Schools.  All teachers, assistants and volunteers are certified in Adult/Child/Infant CPR and First Aid.
At Wellington Preschool we sing. We play.
We build. We discover. We cheer for each other.  We tell stories.  We paint. We bake. We garden.  We move.  We listen. We practice and learn cooperation. We build friendships. 
We experience it all.
The Wellington Preschool
Phone:  503-810-4820
"Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand".   ~Confucious                                                                                                         
Educators understand the important role experience plays in the learning process. A fun learning environment, with plenty of laughter and respect for the learner's abilities, also fosters an effective experiential learning atmosphere.  It is vital that the child is encouraged to directly involve themselves in the experience, in order to gain a better understanding and retention.